OCR A Level Religious Studies: Practice Questions

1. Plato’s theory of the forms is unconvincing! Discuss (40)
2. There are no absolutes in Ethics; all values are relative. Critically evaluate this view. (40)
3. There is no way to prove that everything has a cause. Critically evaluate this statement. (40)
4. Critically assess Natural Law as a means of making decisions about Euthanasia. (40)
5. Science can explain all religious experiences, so there is no way that they are evidence for anything supernatural. Discuss. (40)
6. The existence of evil fatally undermines the teleological argument for God’s existence. Evaluate this statement. (40)
7. “It is right to help people to die with dignity!” Discuss in relation to Christian Ethics. (40)
8. “Because God’s nature is not known to us, there is no reasonable basis for claiming that God’s existence is a necessary part of that nature.” Critically evaluate this view. (40)
9. Situation Ethics cannot claim to be a properly Christian way to make ethical decisions. Discuss. (40)
10. Assess the view that Aquinas’ third way is stronger than his second way as an argument for the existence of God. (40)
11. There is nothing good in the world – or even out of it – that is good without qualification except for a good will. Discuss this claim. (40)
12. Religious Experience is the best argument for the existence of God. Discuss. (40)
13. To what extent is it fair to say that Mill’s Utilitarianism is an improvement on Bentham’s Utilitarianism? (40)
14. An omnipotent God could have created a world in which free beings always choose what is good! Discuss. (40)
15. Critically evaluate Hume’s criticisms of the teleological argument. To what extent does Hume show the argument to be flawed? (40)
16. Critically evaluate the claim that the only duty of a business is to make a profit for shareholders. (40)
17. “Existence is not a perfection.” Discuss. (40)
18. Is God necessary? (40)
19. Singer’s Preference Utilitarianism is the best basis for decision-making in matters of Business Ethics. Discuss. (40)
20. Evaluate the claim that there is no evidence to support Plato’s theory of the forms, so it has no value in the modern world. (40)
21. Critically evaluate the claim that St Augustine’s theodicy is more successful than St Irenaeus’ theodicy. (40)
22. To what extent does the existence of innocent suffering make belief in a perfect God irrational? (40)
23. Evaluate Anselm’s argument in Proslogion 3. To what extent is it an improvement on his argument in Proslogion 2? (40)
24. To what extent is the Christian God compatible with the Aristotelian Prime Mover? (40)
25. Critically evaluate St Augustine’s account of human nature. (40)
26. There is no evidence to support mind-body dualism. Discuss. (40)
27. To what extent should Religious Experience be grounds for belief in the existence of God. (40)
28. William James’ definition of Religious Experience is unsatisfactory. Discuss. (40)
29. Critically evaluate the claim that John Hick’s Irenaean Theodicy is the most convincing explanation for innocent suffering today. (40)
30. “Love justifies everything!” Critically evaluate this claim. (40)
31. There is no such thing as innocent suffering! Discuss. (40)
32. Given the number of people who believe, the range of arguments for God’s existence and the prevalence of religious experiences it is more reasonable to believe in God than not. Critically discuss this claim. (40)
33. “Just because things in the universe have causes doesn’t mean that the universe itself has to have a cause.” Discuss. (40)
34. Critically evaluate the claim that this world better supports the existence of an incompetent or infant designer than the existence of a perfect designer God. (40)
35. It must be better that God created something than if God had created nothing at all. Critically evaluate this claim. (40)

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