GCSE Revision Resources

Revision Tips


By working consistently throughout the two year GCSE course and revising each module thoroughly as you complete it and again before the two sets of mock exams, you stand the best possible chance of meeting or ideally exceeding your target Level. Relying on last minute cramming is ineffective and usually leads to people underperforming.

Before each of the eight RS Module Tests…


  1. Make sure that your exercise book is 100% up-to-date with all activities, whether class-work or homework, complete and all sheets or booklets neatly stuck in.
  2. Try to make flash-cards for the key-words and quotations related to that topic; you can re-use these when it comes to mocks and final exams, making the task of revision much less time-consuming.
  3. Use the ZIG ZAG topic-on-a-page and revision worksheets to review and apply your knowledge.
  4. Go through the module using SENECA online revision; this lets you check and test your knowledge and adapts as you go to focus on areas that you are finding tricky to remember.

When it comes to the end of Year 10 RS exam and then the Mock RS GCSE exam…


  1. Compete a revision check-list, making sure you understand which modules will be on the exam and which topics each module breaks down into.
  2. Check that you have your exercise book(s) for these modules up to date and that you have the relevant flash-cards, Zig Zag resources and other revision materials in one place.
  3. Rate your understanding of the topics on your revision check list as GREEN (fully learned & understood), AMBER (some revision needed) and RED (area to focus on).
  4. Buy the AQA REVISION GUIDE (available for £6 from the RS department or online for £9.99). This has good topic summaries and useful exam-tips and practice GCSE questions for each module. Use the revision guide to revise RED topics first, then the AMBER topics.

In the run up to GCSE exams in Year 11… 


  1. Complete a revision check list for the whole course and rate your understanding of topics GREEN, AMBER and RED (as above). Make a revision-plan and focus on the RED topics over the Easter Holidays, using the AQA REVISION GUIDE, your exercise books & ZIG ZAG sheets.
  2. Take part in SENECA online revision of the whole course, reviewing and testing your knowledge of every module. This will also help with the next revision task which is to…
  3. Gather your key-word and quotes flash-cards from all eight modules (or make them) and learn key-words and quotes. Sort through them, putting those you already know in one pile and those you don’t know in the other. Learn the key-words and quotes you still don’t know really thoroughly.
  4. Use this booklet to complete practice GCSE questions under timed conditions – a mark a minute, 25 minutes per a-e question.

Additional revision-resources, including digital copies of most PowerPoints, worksheets etc, videos and links to relevant websites on this site under AQA GCSE RS resources / Islam / Christianity / Themes

My full GCSE Revision Guide, which includes all the key-words and definitions for the course, plus useful quotations and practice questions can be downloaded here GCSE Revision Guide AQA.